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BIRN?s CTSI Short Imaging Profile Paper accepted for HealthGrid 2012  from BIRN Community  (2012/2/29 5:35) 
As a result of BIRN’s work with Clinical Translational Science Institutes (CTSIs) at USC and UCI, a paper was written and accepted by HealthGrid 2012. A System Architecture for Sharing De-Identified, Research-Ready Brain Scans and Health Information Across Clinical Imaging Centers was put together by members of a pilot project that have set up a successful pilot that allows the exchange of clinical data between hospitals at USC and UCI at Irvine. This paper will be part of the HealthGrid Conference this May in Amsterdam. For more information see .
LONI Pipeline Workshop with BIRN Genomics capability in Cincinnati on March 2012  from BIRN Community  (2012/2/22 3:58) 
An upcoming workshop will be held in Cincinnati in March that will include the BIRN Genomics Graphical Pipeline capability . For more information about the workshop, see .
Nature Genetics paper describes ISA format related to BIRN Knowledge Engineering efforts  from BIRN Community  (2012/2/3 7:50) 
The BioSharing initiative is a large-scale international collaboration concerned with developing methods for sharing data. In February 2012, Nature Genetics published a paper describing the community which are based on systems developing interoperable approaches based on the emerging ‘ISA’ (‘investigation, study, assay) format. BIRN are active participants in this effort and are developing knowledge engineering systems and general methods designed to leverage this approach in order to create interoperable technology with these other efforts. You can view the paper here:
BIRN paper on Genomics Pipeline most popular on journal site  from BIRN - Biomedical Informatics Research Network  (2011/12/1 5:47) 
A paper published in the journal BMC Bioinformatics by a team of BIRN researchers led by Ivo D. Dinov of UCLA and Fabio Macciardi at UC Irvine has been downloaded 1,825 times since July, making it one of the most accessed papers on the journal’s site. You can view the paper here:
New Paper: Knowledge synthesis with maps of neural connectivity  from BIRN - Biomedical Informatics Research Network  (2011/11/2 5:06) 
Congratulations on another paper from the Knowledge Engineering Working Group: Knowledge synthesis with maps of neural connectivity . Please see the link here for more information: Below is the abstract: This paper describes software for neuroanatomical knowledge synthesis based on neural connectivity data. This software supports a mature methodology developed since the early 1990s. Over this time, the Swanson laboratory at USC has generated an account of the neural connectivity of the sub-structures of the hypothalamus, amygdala, septum, hippocampus, and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis. This is based on neuroanatomical data maps drawn into a standard brain atlas by experts. In earlier work, we presented an application for visualizing and comparing anatomical macro connections using the Swanson third edition atlas as a framework for accurate registration. Here we describe major impro ...
BIRN Presentations to NIH  from BIRN - Biomedical Informatics Research Network  (2011/9/22 6:13) 
This week members of BIRN’s Executive and Steering Committees made several presentations to many members of NIH describing what we’re doing. The slides have been posted on the wiki and you can check them out here (scroll down to the ‘Slides’ section:
New BIRN Video Introductions  from BIRN - Biomedical Informatics Research Network  (2011/9/13 12:02) 
Please check out these new videos where Dr. Carl Kesselman describes BIRN and answers key questions newcomers may have:
BIRN Posters at INCF 2011  from BIRN - Biomedical Informatics Research Network  (2011/9/4 7:14) 
The following are various BIRN-related posters at INCF 2011: HID-Genetics: A Federated BIRN-enabled Data Management System for Clinical, Imaging, and Genome-Wide Association Studies Keator D.B., Chen J., Ashish N., Torri F., Lakatos A., Potkin S.G., Macciardi F., Wei D. (P087, PDF ) Do ontological concepts stand up to a meta-analysis of neuroimaging data? Jessica A. Turner, Peter T. Fox, Christian F. Beckmann, Stephen M. Smith, Angela R. Laird (P115, PDF ) BioScholar: a user-centered biocuration and knowledge management system that uses models of experimental design to drive knowledge acquisition and literature mining Marcelo Tallis, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Thomas Russ, and Gully Burns (Poster number TBD, PDF )
BIRN at INCF 2011  from BIRN - Biomedical Informatics Research Network  (2011/9/3 2:56) 
BIRN will be hosting a set of lunchtime informational sessions at the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility’s annual meeting in Boston.  The sessions will be on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 and will highlight the capabilities that BIRN can provide through specific use cases of their technologies.  The presentations will cover “Data Management and Data Security”, “Information Integration and Knowledge Engineering”, and “Workflows and Genomics”.  You can find more information about the conference here:
New paper published by Knowledge Engineering Working Group  from BIRN - Biomedical Informatics Research Network  (2011/8/26 3:45) 
Gully Burns, chair of the BIRN Knowledge Engineering Working Group, announces that they have published a software-based journal article describing their approach for Knowledge Engineering. According to Gully, “This supports the core activity of the BIRN Knowledge Engineering working group and is a paper I’m actually very proud of.” Knowledge Engineering Tools for Reasoning with Scientific Observations and Interpretations: a Neural Connectivity Use Case. Written by Thomas A Russ, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Eduard H Hovy, Mihail Bota and Gully APC Burns for the Biomedical Informatics Research Network. Published in BMC Bioinformatics 2011, 12:351doi:10.1186/1471-2105-12-351. 2011 Aug 22 You can read the abstract here:

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