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訪問 New Scientist 人気サイト    rss 最終更新日 2006-4-7 16:52
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New Scientist has recently been updated and redesigned. New print only sections and a strong clear design, all in one innovative, serious and entertaining magazine, make New Scientist an essential magazine for the 21st Century.

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SpaceX plans to send two civilians around the moon next year (2017-2-28 7:15)
The private spaceflight company has already received a deposit from two would-be space tourists who hope to fly in late 2018 - if the spacecraft is ready
Game theory says publicly shaming cyberattackers could backfire (2017-2-28 5:33)
A model explains why publicly identifying the perpetrators of a cyberattack without hitting back could make them seem even more of a threat
UTIs could soon be life-threatening without new antibiotics (2017-2-28 2:12)
For the first time, the World Health Organization has named which bacteria we most urgently need new antibiotics to fight, and common gut microbes top the list
De-extinction dilemma: reviving dead species may doom the living (2017-2-28 2:01)
Diverting precious conservation resources into de-extinction projects could simply mean more threatened species are wiped out, warns Olive Heffernan
A loaf of bread emits half a kilo of CO2, mainly from fertiliser (2017-2-28 1:00)
Fertiliser use accounts for 40 per cent of greenhouse gases emitted to make bread, and bread production accounts for half a per cent of all UK emissions
Snow will melt more slowly in a warmer world? here’s why (2017-2-28 1:00)
Snowmelt will start earlier but happen more slowly, depriving river systems and reservoirs of the big gush of water they rely on
Caterpillars vibrate anuses to send food and shelter alerts (2017-2-27 23:38)
Tiny birch caterpillars send messages by making a complex range of sounds? buzzing their bodies and drumming and scraping their mouths and anuses against leaf surfaces
Why we are so bad at spotting if our kids are overweight (2017-2-27 23:30)
At least 80 per cent of parents of overweight children think their kids are a healthy weight, and the reasons for this blind spot are complex
As Brexit looms, a soundbite strategy for UK science won’t do (2017-2-27 21:09)
The government is still failing to offer detail on how it will counter the many risks to UK science posed by quitting the EU, says campaigner Mike Galsworthy
Try these simple mental tests to see if you’re a good athlete (2017-2-27 19:51)
Your brain’s mental flexibility and capacity to focus could give you the skills to help make you a world class athlete

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