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リンク - Workshop on Gender and Interaction



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訪問 Workshop on Gender and Interaction 人気サイト    最終更新日 2006-7-25 15:27
カテゴリ  研究業績
Gender and Interaction: Real and Virtual women in a male world
Date: May 23, 2006
AVI 2006
(23-26 May, 2006 - Venice, Italy)
Some of the larger questions we hope to address during the workshop are:

- What is the current status of the digital divide in computer adoption and usage between males and females?
- How do different interface metaphors (embodied conversational characters, windows, desktops) affect gender related differences?
- What is the effect of gender on the perception and usage of educational software?
- Does gender affect navigational knowledge and strategies (e.g. in VR or Web-browsing)?
- Does gender affect the acquisition of sensory-motor tasks in the use of multi-modal interfaces?
- Should machines (embodied characters and robots) have gender? How should 'artificial'gender be designed and how would it affect the interaction?
- Do sex-role stereotypes apply to embodied characters?
- Does gender affect the way human empathize with embodied characters and robots?

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