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リンク - Electroactive Polymer Gel Robots (Springer)



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訪問 Electroactive Polymer Gel Robots (Springer) 人気サイト    最終更新日 2010-2-28 1:30
カテゴリ  研究業績
Mihoko Otake,
Electroactive Polymer Gel Robots
Modelling and Control of Artificial Muscles
Series: Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics, Vol. 59
1st Edition., 2009, Approx. 250 p., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-540-23955-0

Explores fundamental methods for deformable robots consisting of electroactive polymer, a promising material for artificial muscles

The monograph written by Mihoko Otake combines ideas from chemistry and physics, material science and engineering for the revolutionary development of the so-called gel robots. Electroactive polymers are introduced to build new types of muscular-like actuation for deformable robots. The coverage spans from modelling and design to the development, control and experimental testing. A number of methods are proposed for describing the shapes and motions of such systems. The results are demonstrated for beam-shaped gels curling around an object and starfish-shaped gel robots turning over.

Written for >> Research

Keywords >> Design of Deformable Machines - Modelling of Functional Materials - Motion Control - Polymer Gel - Shape Control

Related subjects >> Applications - Artificial Intelligence - Biomedical Engineering - Polymer Science - Robotics

Table of Contents:
Part I Modelling.
- Adsorption-Induced Deformation Model of Electroactive Polymer Gel.
- Parameter Identification by One Point Observation.
Part II Design.
- Interaction-Based Design of Deformable Machines.
- Spatially-Varying Electric Field Design by Planer Electrodes.
- Shape Design through Geometric Variation.
Part III Control.
- Polarity Reversal Method for Shape Control.
- Lumped-Driven Method for Motion Control.
Conclusion and Future Works.

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